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We would like to inform you that we will publish our new preview page in a few days. Therefore we will not update the counter to 22.11.2022. We would like to point out that the privacy policy for Leryon is general. That means not every point must be the same for every service. Currently, Leryon does not use Google Analyitics, but Leryon's own Leryon Analyitics. With this we want to protect your privacy. Because we are made in Germany and USA.

The Leryon Team

News from Leryon

We told you a few days ago that we now use Python. We have been working on our own framework for some time now, which we will use with Leryon 2.0. Leryon Clime communicates with Python, C and C++. Clime OS is a special Linux version that has been adapted for our servers. So we have now the perfect conditions for this project.

Your Leryon and Leryon Media Team

News from Leryon

In the last few months we have had more time than ever due to Corona and we have decided to program Leryon on the latest technologies to give you the best of the best. We had rented our servers from hosting companies in the past and had a lot of limitations that made it difficult to program Leryon. The old rented servers ran on PHP & Mysql and that was a problem. Since some time we host our servers ourselves and after long discussions we decided against PHP. Now we program Leryon in the fronted with Angular and in the backend with Python. Now we are not planning a website anymore, but a web application. The advantage of a webaplication is that we now have the possibility to develop an app for Android, IOS (& MacOS), Harmony OS and Windows. We are also planning many integrations to other services such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, so we want to create a place for his community. Den Leryon is not an ordinary social media network, it is a new generation of social media! We hope you'll forgive our decision, because we want Leryon to be future-proof and able to communicate directly with the server.

We will soon make our own PHP framework available for free download on opensource.leryon.com.

Your Leryon Team