Leryon Beta

Soon the time will come!

Now it won't be long before Leryon goes into open beta. We have been working on this project for years and can present it to you at the end of this year. Just at the end of last year we released Leryon Music. Just have a look at music.leryon.com

What's Leryon?

Leryon is a social media network which does not directly offer an alternative. It connects all social media networks together. Initially Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are supported.

Soon the time will come!

Since we have already released our music platform but Leccount was not ready yet we decided to develop an own loginsystem for LeMusic until summer 2020 when Leccount will be released.

This website serves as a bridging time and will be replaced by the Leryon service on 11.11.2020 at 15:00. The website is subject to change at any time and Leryon does NOT take any responsibility at the moment as this website is NOT located in the data centre of Leryon but is hosted by a partner until 01.11.2020.

Due to an early version some functions of LePic are missing

Website still under construction! Unfortunately, information can not be 100% correct at the moment. That is because this website is still under construction. Please report errors to [email protected]